January 01, 2020

Victims and Villains Podcast Reviews Super/Spy Issues 1 and 2

The victims and Villains podcast is all about suicide prevention and geeky discussion! Here's the review of Super/Spy issues 1 and 2! (START AT 1: 08: 45 for the review!)

January 26, 2017

Billy Stuart from Scarydad.com Reviews Super/Spy issues 1 and 2

Here we have Super/Spy (Prologue 1&2) by independent comic creators Jon and Jamie Bonjour. It's the year 2043- heroes and villains are common and government control is all but non-existent. We find ourselves at Fortier Academy, "the most prestigious university in the world," where children study in a variety of disciplines from art to hand-to-hand combat. 


Warren Douglas needs to focus. His sister, Lucy, needs to pick a major. Their friend Griffin is having trouble with his frequency ray. Costumed super-villain and pyromaniac, Fire-Ant is wreaking havoc on the town. And it's parent's night. 


So let's get down to it. 


Super/Spy is one of those rare books that grabs you right from the beginning. Let's start with the pacing. The Bonjours pack a LOT of exposition into the prologue but manage to keep the plot and the action moving so that you aren't bogged down in details. There is plenty of action in this orientation. 


The art is simple and classic; a throwback to the pulp comics of yore. Bright and bold primary colors are used to full effect and call back memories of the time when comics were lively and fun. 


This two-part book is, like I said, merely the prologue. I look forward to the series itself.

January 26, 2017

Black Ship Books gives Insight into Ensemble Comics!

The reasons why this project stood out to me as opposed to all the other great projects that you might find within the Kick Starter page are as follows:

  1. The artist’s involved in the project are siblings, I have noticed that family’s that create comics usually hit it on the nose, such as creators of The Gift, and Dixie Vixen’s(CME).

  2. They are both young, and isn’t it something that we all dreamt of accomplishing when we were young? Well, now were old and still haven’t made the jump. That’s props out to these youngsters that dream with actions.

  3. They claim to be making family friendly comics that will still be appealing to all age category’s. In this world of over sexualization and violence it would be nice to see something that would have to focus on the characters and plot as opposed to sex and violence.

  4. I like the art. Although it looks cartoonish, I think that the art has a style of its own. Something reminiscent of the old school underground comics of the mid 90’s (examples, Silly Rabbit From Moving Target, and Cow From Monster Pants Comic).

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